Tips for upcoming freshmen in college

What if I need someone to talk to about if something is bothering me?

I’ve learned that you can always go to your RA (resident advisor) for advice or just need someone to talk to. I was feeling very stressed out my spring semester of my sophomore year. I told my RAs Kelly and Austin and they helped me feel less stressed out. Your RAs are there to help you and to be your friend. I’ve had several RAs who have helped me out when I’m stressed or just needed someone to talk to.


What can I do to help me meet people on campus?

I suggest you join clubs or find activities that you’re interested in. I joined FCA (fellowship of Christian Athletes) I’m not a student athlete but they welcomed me into the club. This club also helped me make friends with my friends on the softball and baseball team who I often still hangout with to this day.



This picture is of me and my FCA friends from my freshmen year since then we’ve been close friends

Will my teachers help me if i’m struggling in the class?

Yes they often appreciate showing that if you need help that you care about their class and showing that you’re working hard on trying to understand what is being taught. Teachers often love helping the student but also email them if you are struggling so you can plan a time to meet with them.


What if I’m really stressed out and don’t know what to do?

I usually get stressed out easily so what I do is I usually for 15 mins or less put on some meditation music and just close my eyes to relax.  Also when I’m tempted to yell at my friends from stress I usually close my eyes and count to 10 and taking a few deep breaths. Another way I relax is find a place on campus that makes you feel the most relaxed and just spend 10 mins or so there to relax.


stress therapy and management helps in relaxation reduce tension


Spread the Word to End the Word

The R-word often hurts more than people think. I sometimes hear my friends say it and often have to remind them to not say it when I’m around or not around. I explain to them how it hurts, not just people with disabilities, but anyone whoknows and loves them. People don’t know that anyone could have a disability, not just one that’s physical, but also learning disabilities.   Everyone is different in their own way.


There is a campaign called Spread the Word to End the Word. It shows people how the R-word can be offensive to many people.  Several famous people have made videos showing that they pledge to stop using the R-word.   Over 700,000 have signed the pledge to end the R-word.


I have an older sister who has a disability and I also have a learning disability so when I hear the R-word being said I often get offended when people say it. I explain to them how it hurts many people and most of the time my friends stop saying it after I explain why it hurts

Getting ready to return to Brevard

I leave to return to Brevard for my 4th year in less than 3 weeks. I’m not ready to return to classes but, I’m really ready to see all my friends again after being away from them all summer. It won’t be the same without my friends who transferred or graduated but I’m excited to make new friends. It’s going to be a hard semester with all my classes. I know I can handle it. I will be going to get help for all my classes other than applied theatre that class is mostly setting up for the shows we are going to have during the semester. I also am looking forward to being at my happy place with my friends on the baseball team as they get ready for their spring season. I am looking forward to the llamas coming back for the harvest festival. Since I was a freshman, Mark who owns the llamas lets me take care of one named Lightning. He’s the nicest one Mark owns. He’s very sweet and wouldn’t hurt anyone. My hardest classes will probably be the ones I have with Dr. Chamlee.  I’ve always struggled in his classes but he’s always willing to help if I need it.


This is a picture of me dressed up like a Butterfly for Halloween at the Harvest Festival with my friend Lightning the Llama!!


Trouble with Writing

During my time at RD Head Elementary I had to go seek help for my writing. Almost all of my close friends were in the focus class which meant they left in the middle of class to go there. I often felt left out. During the third grade I had to start using a windows laptop and sit in the back of the room. I hated it since it made me feel not very smart and left out since I couldn’t sit with my friends. I still had to get help on my writing, but it was getting better I kept working on it and eventually my teachers started letting me start writing and not always having to type. I mainly had to type my spelling tests, stories for language arts and many other things. I used to hate using the laptop but now I’m kind of glad I started using it. I’ve used a laptop ever since then to help me take tests, take notes, read to me and a lot more.

How He Loves Us

My freshman year at Brevard College they held a talent show. I had been working on learning a song in sign language called “How He Loves Us” By David Crowder. I signed up for the talent show nervous to perform in front of the whole crowd since there was a lot of people there. I started performing the song and as I kept going everyone started putting on their phone lights. As I was finishing up the judges asked me why I signed the song instead of singing it. I told them that my older sister can’t talk because of her disability and told them that she’s always been a big inspiration to me. Everyone says I should have won but with everyone there supporting me I felt like a winner.  Everyone thinks learning sign language is easy but it’s harder than it looks. unnamed-3

flying solo

This past week I traveled to Florida on my own.  I had a few days off of work and I wanted to go to Florida to see my friend Sammy for a few days. The only catch I would have to fly alone. I was a little scared at the thought of me flying alone but at least my flight was only an hour unlike a flight to Europe I would be more scared of flying there alone.  I asked for help to make sure I knew where I was going so I wouldn’t get lost and miss my flight. It was scary flying alone but I did it!






learning to drive

When I was 15, I studied during my summer break to take the learners permit test. I was really nervous so I studied hard for the test. The road rules were hard to learn but I knew the signs really well, probably since I’m more of a visual learner. I used this website to help me study for the test and it was very helpful  I took the test and passed it on the first try!


The next school year during spring semester I had to take drivers ed which was kind of boring since the teacher didn’t explain it real well.  During the summer when I was 16 I took a behind the wheel course that helped me understand driving a lot more than being inside. I kept practicing till the summer of when I was 20 years old and I finally decided to take the driver’s test. I took it once and didn’t pass but I was determined to get my license. I studied more and took it a second time and finally passed the test!